5 Things I Need to do Right Now to be a Better WAHM

by Therusticfive-

Back in June, I left behind my teaching career in order to be home with my daughter and to start my at-home daycare. I opened the daycare in July after taking some family time to travel, camp, and just enjoy my time with as mom. However, it wasn’t long before we discovered we were also expecting baby #2. 

Fast forward 6 months, I love being home with my daughter. I’ve witnessed her first steps, say new words, and watch her begin to interact with the older kids. I love it! 

However, I have my struggles too. My biggest struggle is taking care of myself. I am lacking some serious motivation. I don’t know if it’s being 6 months pregnant, taking care of 4 kiddos under the age of 4, struggling financially (day care just doesn’t pay what a teaching salary earns), a combination or something else. Whatever the cause, I’m struggling.

These are the 5 things I need to do to take care of myself in order to be a better mom, wife, and most importantly me.

1. Establish a Morning Routine

       This has been a huge struggle for me. I’ve been so exhausted lately that I find myself cuddling my daughter in the chair instead of doing what I need to do in order to start my day. A morning routine for me before the daycare kids arrive needs to happen. 

2. Yoga/Stretch

      I haven’t been doing my beloved yoga. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did it for me and this scares me and makes me sad at the same time. Yoga grounds me and helps me relax. Not to mention, it also helps with the pregnancy. 

   What I need to do is to add yoga to my morning routine. Even if it’s only 10 minutes everyday, it will help boost my mood and start my day relaxed.

3.  Set weekly goals and Review Every Day

      Usually on Sunday nights, I set weekly goals in my goal notebook. However, I haven’t been doing it consistently and I need too. I also need to make sure I am reflecting on them everyday to keep moving towards my goals and to know what areas I need to work on more. 

   What I need to do is get back to constantly writing my goals on Sunday evenings to start out my week and reviewing them everyday at night before bed. 

 4. Eating Healthier 

     Nutrition is so important, but it’s something that has gotten away from me. I need to get back to eating better and drinking more water. I know this will help with my motivation and energy levels. 

    What I need to do is increase the amount of plant-based foods and drink more water. I need to start meal planning again and prepping meals/snacks. 

5. Making a To-Do List 

 A to-do list is the one thing I can do to tie everything together. I usually do a mental list, but this isnt as helpful as writing down my list of things to do that day. When I write my lists, I like to do them the night before and review in the morning.

What I need to do is get consistently writing down my to-do list the night before and review it first thing in the morning. My to-do list will include all of the things I need to establish my morning routine. This should help me get my day’s starting better. 

In conclusion, I’m writing this blog to help myself get more accountable to myself. I’m curious as to what you do to help take care of you? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear what works for you. 

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I’m Melissa Dow, M.ED. I am a wife, mama of 2 and a bonus mama of 1. A former public school educator with 7 years of experience in both special education and general education who is on a new journey to help parents guide their children to uncover their true passions in order to find their life purpose. I love spending time out in nature whether hiking, running, camping, canoeing or just playing in our backyard (aka our outdoor classroom). I also enjoy reading, learning new things, organic gardening and creating our a simple life.

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I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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