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5 Ways to Support Multicultural Education with Natural Learning 


Multicultural Education is an important part of our homeschool preschool “curriculum”. Our goal as parents is to raise good humans. One way we can do this is exposing our children to different types of people and cultures.

Supporting Multicultural Education in Natural Learning
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Here’s how we support multicultural education….

1. Books

We spend a lot of time reading together. Granted it helps that our little one loves listening to books, but we’ve also made reading a priority. This makes introducing and adding multicultural books to our home library one of the easiest ways to introduce different cultures to our natural learners.
Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Ruby Bridges

Watson’s Go to Birmingham

One Love

I am Malala

Yeh Shen: A Cinderella Story from China

Baseball in April

*Just an added note, be sure to prescreen books for bias and stereotypes.
2. Multicultural Dolls

Our daughter is just now getting into dolls, so we’ve made sure to add dolls of other ethnic background to our doll collection.

Multicultural education with dolls
You can check out multicultural dolls here.

3. Traveling

Traveling to different places is a great way for children to experience new places and different people. You can travel to different parts of the world or simply travel to a different city near you. We live in a small farm town without a lot of diversity, so I love taking the kids to museums and different attractions in the big cities.

4. Introduce Different Holidays/Traditions

One exploration you and your family could do together is explore different holidays or traditions from different cultures. My husband and I come from different cultural backgrounds, so when we married we took a few of their traditions and fused them with mine. For example: We now hide a pickle in our Christmas tree. This is something I had never heard of before, but is now a tradition our kids will grow up with along with the baking of my Kolaches.

5. Different languages

I would love for my children to become fluent in another language besides English. I, however, am not bilingual myself, nor is my husband, so this can pose a problem with immersing them with a different language. However, I found some tools to help all of us learn. I’ll begin with apps. I discovered several free apps that help teach several different kinds of languages. My little ones are too small to truly grasp the concept yet, but they will be perfect for my stepson and them when they get a older.

Books written in another language are another great tool. Usborne books has a wonderful collection of books that teach other languages. We own Every Day Words in French and want to order others as well.

Multicultural Education Supported By Books
T.V. shows are another great way to immerse your children with new languages. Dora the Explorer uses a combination of English and Spanish. Netflix also has several cartoons in Spanish and other languages available.

You can also check you local area for toddler and kid friendly language classes. There are even language immersion preschool programs that could be available in your area if that is something that interests you and your child.

Why It’s Important

Exposing my children to multicultural education is important to me for several reasons. First, when they get older they will be working and collaborating with all different kinds of people. Second, I want them to develop empathy and acceptance of all different people. It’s crucial for them to understand that people are just people even if they look different. With given the state of our nation today, I believe it’s even more important for me to raise my kids to be kind and understanding.

Supporting Multicultural Education
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I’m Melissa Dow, M.ED. I am a wife, mama of 2 and a bonus mama of 1. A former public school educator with 7 years of experience in both special education and general education who is on a new journey to help parents guide their children to uncover their true passions in order to find their life purpose. I love spending time out in nature whether hiking, running, camping, canoeing or just playing in our backyard (aka our outdoor classroom). I also enjoy reading, learning new things, organic gardening and creating our a simple life.

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