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We like to get a real tree each year for Christmas and then I find uses for the tree afterwards. In the past, they were used as fish habitats at lake I used to live near, but last year we reused it for things with the kiddos.

These Nature Inspired Discovery Bottles were easy to make and both kids loved them. I simply cut off a few branches from the tree. I also found some pine cones hiding in the tree which was an added bonus. I bought some glitter and Voss water. After drinking the water, I filled the bottles with the items and added water. Finally, I hot glued the lids on to make sure the kiddos didn’t take them off.

My daughter exploring the Discovery Bottle.


Water Bottle

Items from Nature



Ages: Infants and Up

Useful For:

Family Explorations, Quiet Activities, Daycares, and Preschools



With winter fast approaching, I am looking for ways to keep the kiddos engaged with nature and keep them busy, so today we made Bird Feeders. Not only did it keep the kiddos busy, but it also is a great way for them to help our bird friends get food while winter sets in. 


We started by cutting two oranges in half. Then we removed the pulp from inside the peel. 


Next, I poked 3 holes in each peel with a pencil. Then I attached yarn to the peel. Twine would have worked better than yarn, but yarn is all we had at the moment. 

Then we filled the orange peels with birdseed. I put the birdseed in a cup and then had the kiddos pour the seed into the peels. They poured it in over a plastic container. This cut down on a birdseed mess. 

Finally, we hung them outside on our kindness tree for the birds. Now, we can observe the feeders and watch for birds during our outdoor exploration time. 

Materials Needed:




Children with a nature spirit

Ages: Toddler and Up 

Builds: Connection to Nature, Empathy towards Mother Earth’s Creatures, Fine Motor Skills

Useful For:

Daycares, Preschools, Homeschools, Elementary-aged Kiddos, Nature lovers, Bird Lovers, and Family Explorations 


Leaf Exploration

This summer we explored leaves using our homemade play-doh. The children at my home-based nature nursery school including my own daughter love playdough, so adding the loose parts play with the leaves added extra fun for them.

Let me begin by explaining that my philosophy of education is that it should be child-led, interest and play based in order to create a love of lifelong learning. None of the Explorations I add to my website are teacher-directed or worksheet based. This is why I call them Explorations instead of lesson plans.

This Exploration is simple to put together. We began by going outside to our outdoor classroom to collect leaves. We looked on the ground first before we picked any off of the tree. This activity allowed us to count our leaves, talk about colors including different shades of green, and which leaves were the biggest and smallest. We were also identifying the type of leaf for each one which helped us build our vocabulary and language. 

Next, we went back inside because we don’t have an outdoor table at the moment. Otherwise, we would have stayed outside for the remainder. We got out our homemade playdough and began using the leaves in our playdough Explorations. Many of the kids were noticing the leaf imprints and how each one was different. This added to our language building and wonderings. It also helped to boost our fine motor skills which will eventually help them with their future writing. 

Over all, the children loved this Exploration. It kept them excited and learning through their play. We “accomplished” a lot in the time they played with the leaves and playdough. 


Playdough (I prefer to use our homemade version)


Children with a playful spirit


Toddlers and up 


Fine motor, gross motor, vocabulary/language, color identification, number sense, shortest/tallest, knowledge of local trees

Useful for:

Daycares, preschools, family Explorations, homeschool, elementary, middle school or any one else who enjoys playdough and leaves