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Now that winter has officially arrived, it can be harder to find the motivation to get outside. The cold, the snow, and lack of sunlight can make us want to just hunker down on the couch. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Title picture with a girl riding in her sled in the snow

I personally love the snow. This makes me seem crazy to most because they prefer summer and Michigan’s warmer weather. However, I have found that the ones who enjoy winter are always the ones who enjoy some form of a winter activity. For me, its snowmobiling, hiking, or just playing in the snow with the kids.

Our 17 month old sledding for the first time
Scout trying out her sled

Getting outside no matter the season is important to me. There are so many benefits to being outside for me and Scout from being active to boosting our mood. There’s a ton of research on how nature is good for us.

I want to start young with the kids and show them how fun outside can be. So, we are beginning to introduce Scout to more outdoor activities now that she’s getting bigger.

Our first winter activity is sledding. We began small by simply pulling her around the yard. She looks bored in all the pictures I took because she only smiles when daddy pulls her fast, of course. She is our little risk taker, so I am not surprised she only likes going fast.

Our daughter sledding while her daddy pulls her around
Once big brother is here again, we will take both kids to the local sledding hill. I think Scout will enjoy sledding down the hill. She can zoom fast or at least think she’s zooming fast.

Are you a winter person like me or do you prefer warmer weather? What ways do you keep your family outside and active in the winter?

A girl playing in the snow

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Need a sled?


Children grow so fast, don’t they? It’s hard to believe our little Scout is almost 18 months. She sure has grown so much over the past year. In fact, she has grown right out of my favorite pair of shoes for her. She is SO active and learning new skills everyday. I LOVE that she is very active even though it is exhausting to be around her.

In order to help boost her curiosity and, let’s be honest, to wear her out a little bit, we spend as much time as possible out in nature. This can be rough on her shoes especially since she still crawls a lot of places and climbs on everything! Buying her shoes that will put up with all the dirt and climbing while keeping her safe is one expense I don’t mind splurging a little bit more for even though she will quickly outgrow the shoes.

My go-to shoe brand for our little explorer is Keens. Last Christmas (2015), Scout got her first pair of Keens Crib shoes. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect because let’s face it, a six month old really doesn’t need shoes and the hand-me-down shoes we had received prior always fell of her feet. At the time, Scout was just becoming mobile by rolling around, so she wasn’t going to be “walking” any where anytime soon. However, I knew that warm weather would eventually return and we would be outside all the time hiking, camping, and exploring our backyard, so I wanted to make sure we had something that would protect her feet. Plus, we do live in Michigan which means it’s cold in December and these would help keep her warm. I was just hoping and praying they would stay on her feet and the job.

Scout’s first Keens

Her Baby Keens were by far the best investment I could have made for her. She wore her Keens every where and they never fell off her feet. Did I mention that she left them alone and didn’t pull them off like all the other hand-me-down shoes/boots she had? Yup, they actually stayed on her feet! This was a HUGE win for me.

Scout and her Keens out on the hiking trail
Scout just loves being out in nature.

By summer time, Scout out grew her Keens Crib shoes and we switched to another pair of hand-me-downs. The eco-friendly and frugal mom in me just couldn’t see buying her a new pair when we had a gently used pair already. These, however, did not take the abuse Scout put them under. By winter, they had starting to fall apart which was okay especially since she was starting to out grow them anyways.
So this winter, Scout is getting another pair of Toddler Keens. This time she is getting a pair of Keen Peek-a- shoes. They arrived today via the mail within 2 days thanks to our Amazon Prime. They are so stinkin’ cute and look like they are going to keep up with our little Scout.
Scout’s new Keen shoes

Do you have a certain brand that’s your go-to?

*This is a recommendation post. I am in no way paid by Keen Shoes to represent their product. I’m just a mom and former teacher who fell in love with their product. I will only recommend products to you that we use for our own family.

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This past Sunday Mother Nature dropped 9 inches of snow here. Our Little Scout hasn’t really been able to experience snow yet. When she was a few months old, we bundled her up and took her out to touch the snow. She LOVED it. Other than that, she hasn’t been able to truly experience the snow until this past Sunday. 

We bundled her up which I swear took about 20 mins and two people to get the job done. Have you ever bundled up a toddler? It’s a real fun experience if you haven’t had the pleasure yet. 

Anyways, as soon as we put her down she plopped right into the snow and began playing. She was smiling and patting away. I think it was hit for the first 5 mins until her mitten fell off and the coldness sunk in. 

I can’t wait to take her out to explore more of winter. She truly loves the outdoors and playing outside.

Be watching for more on our outdoor explorations as we learn about snow and winter. 

Scout playing in the snow

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