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I used to be one of those mom’s that said no tablets for my kids or limiting the amount of time on them, but I changed my perspective. 
Here’s why…. 
Our economy, our culture, and our world is changing. 
Have you noticed how brick and mortar stores are closing? 
Did you know there are kids/young adults making 6-7 figures online creating videos, podcasts, becoming influential marketers on Insta/Snapchat, becoming YouTube famous or even playing VIDEO GAMES online while getting paid? 
Did you know mom’s are creating 6-7 figures from blogging about their passions? 
Or how about regular people with or without college education also clearing 6-7 figures via network marketing from social media? 
Technology is HERE to stay and it’s just the beginning. Our world is not what it was when our parents and grandparents were growing up. Hell its not even like it was when we were growing up. It’s different! 
I could continue to keep technology out of my kids hands OR I could embrace it and be their guide to understanding how to use technology as a tool. I could allow them to post things online without my guidance or I could guide them how to positively navigate on this wide open digital playground. 
This is their “career” training and it’s up to me to guide them. Lord knows our school system is NOT embracing this world. Most continue to fight it and continue educating likes it the 1800’s preparing our kids for factory work and college (which in my opinion is useless unless they inspire to be in a field that needs specific training like doctors). 
What I have found is that by letting go of the limits, the kids aren’t so obsessed with it. They are learning to balance their time between outside, using it to learn via YouTube and for play or using it as escapism. I’m not having to dictate this balance to them. (Obviously with the little one, I still do more of the dictating as we navigate through our daily schedule.)

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