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Now that Christmas is over…. Don’t throw that Christmas tree out.
Instead recycle that Christmas tree into tree blocks.

*Real Trees only, of course.

Scout playing with the tree blocks from our recycled Christmas Tree
Scout exploring our tree blocks

My husband took our real Christmas tree and cut off the branches and then cut the trunk into wood pieces. This saved our Christmas tree from entering the landfill and provided hours of play for the kiddos.

The tree blocks provide loose parts play. The kids can build with them or use them in other forms of play. Basically, the tree blocks are open to whatever their big imaginations can create.  Our kiddos love to build with them by stacking them together. They also use them in our sandbox and mud kitchen areas as pretend food or parts of a sandcastle.

Christmas tree blocks stored in a milk crate
The tree blocks are great for inside play or can be easily taken outside for even more opportunities to play. We simply store ours in a milk crate, so we can easily grab them when we head out the door for outside play.


Blocks made from recycled Christmas Tree


Toddler and up

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Tree blocks in a milk crate

Don’t want to make your own?

Check out these tree blocks already made.

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I am a huge fan of giving kids real world objects that will spark creativity while they play. One of the most played with objects in our play area has to be our collection of PVC pipes. These get used for all sorts of different play. We’ve seen them build towers with them, use them as mics, and pretend scuba gear. The options are truly endless for any kiddo with a huge imagination. 

Scout singing into her microphone

The husband purchased the 10 foot pipes and then cut them down into various sizes. This kept the cost down on the pipes. It’s more expensive to buy precut pieces. We also added 90 degree and Tee fitting to connect the pieces. 

Both our 16 month old and 9 year old love playing with the pipes. It’s by far the most popular item in our play area. It will keep their attention for what seems like hours. 

Scout playing with the PVC pipes


PVC pipes



Toddlers Up

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