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Our Family

Our Family

We’re Back!


I’m proud to say The Rustic Five is back after an almost two month break! 
We’ve been busy and a lot is changing…. 

We welcomed out little “big” guy to the family in Feb, so we are now officially a family of five. 

The hubby took a new job in GR, so we are busy getting things in order to make the trek across state. 

Our plan is to locate some property, build a tiny house, and live out our dream as homesteaders living off the grid! Can you saw “whoa”! Our dreams are coming together. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, we are making the change to becoming a more plant-based eating family. I can’t wait to share my first 30 day results with you in just two weeks! 

My nature-based nursery school is now closed as we begin our journey to moving, but little miss is still hasn’t stopped learning. She continues to grow and prosper at our homeschool preschool. I am hoping to reopen once we get settled in our new location. 
Phew… told you there is A LOT going on here. Keep an eye out for our new blogs and vlogs as our website takes on our new journeys. I can’t wait to share with you! ❤️

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Our Family

Top 5 Posts of 2016


I’ve only been blogging now for 2 months, but not even a consistent 2 months. I started The Rustic Five in October, but didn’t really get started writing articles until November.

I still wanted to share with you  my top posts for this year. I’m hoping you will find something new to discover.


5.  Keen Shoes: The Best Toddler Shoes for Outdoor Exploration

4. DIY Bird Feeders

3. Places That Support Natural Learning in Michigan- Part 1

2. 6 Ways a Public School Teacher Supports Natural Learning at Home

1. PVC Pipe Exploration

There you have it. My top posts for 2016. By this time next year, I hope to add even more useful content for you.

Rustic Five's Top Posts for 2016


Today was Black Friday and this was the first year in a few years that I didn’t participate in the craziness that is Black Friday. There were many reasons why We Opted Out of Black Friday and choose to spend our time playing at the local children’s museum instead. 

Reason #1

Our house is already stuffed full of crap as it is, so we don’t need any more stuff. We are working on decluterring the house and making room for our newest edition. We have 4 people with one being a toddler (which means baby stuff galore), expecting another baby of the opposite gender of previously mentioned toddler, and an at home daycare in a house not equipped with the room for one means we have a ton of stuff. We honestly don’t need or want anything else.
Reason #2 
Financially, we are on a tight budget as we work to get out of debt. Basically, if we don’t need it, we don’t buy it. Honestly, we don’t need anything right now.

Reason #3

We have two kiddos at home and I wasn’t going to drag them out into the chaos. Instead we spent the morning together playing at the local children’s museum. 

We had WAY more fun playing and spending time together unplugged at the museum than we would have with anything we could have bought today. The kids also got some learning time in today that was fun and interested-based.

Honestly, you just can’t put a price on family time. 

Watching big brother climb

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Our Family

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am thankful for so much this year. I’m thankful for our kiddos and the pregnancy of our little guy. I’m thankful for a loving and supportive husband, our home that’s warm this winter, and the food we are eating. Thank you for this wonderful life. ❤️🍂
I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy time with your family today. 🦃🍂💛

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Our Family

The Rustic Five

Who are we? 
We are just a family of 4 with our 5th member on his way. This is the story of our journey to living the simple life, raising our littles to be brave and kind, and  building connections with each other, nature, and ourselves. 

Stay tune for more blogs about our journey, rustic DIY projects, Unschooling/homeschooling and how we support our oldest in his public school jouney, life as parents and as a bonus mama, and many others. 

Follow our journey at 

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