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Minimalism: “A tool that can help you find freedom.” – The Minimalists

Minimalism: Our Journey to Freedom
I’m not going to lie our house is cluttered to the max of things we don’t use, don’t need and don’t find beautiful. It’s almost suffocating how much stuff there really is in every room. We aren’t past the point of being hoarders, but between the 4 of us, the baby items for the new addition that’s arriving in February, and items for my nursery school things have definitely taken over the house.
So, we have decided to begin our Minimalism journey. I have been reading and researching minimalism for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t sure how the hubby would react. On Dec 15th, we watched the documentary by The Minimalists called Minimalism  and he was intrigued. Fast forward a few days and here we are well on our way to becoming minimalist.

We live in a small 3 bedroom home and this makes the clutter even worse. Our bedrooms are all spoken for by people and things. We need less things, so we can  fit more people in our house. Our 5th family member makes his grand appearance in about 6 weeks. Eek… maybe it’s the nesting, but we had to get this house in order to make room for him.

We started the next weekend by decluttering our house. I started immediately in my daughter’s room. She will be sharing storage and play space with our little Bear and honestly her room was taken over by unused clothes and the dreaded toys. We have been truly blessed with baby clothing that was given to us by friends and families with baby girls and we ended up with an over abundance of clothing.

Our SUV packed with 9 1/3 bags of baby clothes.


Overall, I removed 9 bags of both baby girl and baby boy clothing from her room and countless toys. I downsized both Bear’s and Scout’s current wardrobe. This helped immensely. I decided to donate the clothing to a local trip to help other mamas and babies who needs them.

*Be on the lookout for a future how-to blog on how I minimalized the kids bedroom and set capsule wardrobes for them.

Now that their bedroom is complete we can start moving on to the other rooms, the garage, and our closets. I’ll be sharing our journey to becoming Minimalists right here.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we have done so far…

A picture of our simplified cabinet.
The start of our kitchen.
A picture of our toyshelf.
Downsizing our toys in our play area.
So far this has been the best decision for our family. I feel SO much better and I know the kiddos probably feel it too.  Not to mention our house  looks better and it’s easier to clean. A win-win in my book.

Want to know more about our journey? Follow along here.

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Minimalism: Our Journey to Freedom

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