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Title of blog: The Do's and Don't of getting your child to listen to you
We’ve all been there as parents. You know the frustrating moments when your child isn’t listening. What can we do as parents to help get them to listen to us? 

Ask yourself…

1. Are they hungry?

2. Are they tired?

3. Have you been paying attention to them? 

4. When we don’t respond right away to them, we aren’t modeling good listening skills.

5. Would a change of scenery help I.e. Go outside? 

When you speak to them…

1. Get down on their level

2. Hold their hand to help them focus on you

3. Ask them to repeat what you said, if and only if they have the verbal skills to do this 

4. Use positive words and tone when speaking to them 

What doesn’t work is yelling, spanking, punishing, or threatening them. Think about it… if you were having a problem like not being able to focus because you are hungry, would someone yelling at you or even spanking you get you to focus better? Probably not. Treat your children how you as an adult would like to be treated.

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Dear Daughter,

What my daughter needs to hear
As the days begin to count down until your little brother arrives, there are a few things I need you to know.

I’m sorry my daughter

I know all you’ve wanted the past few weeks is to play outside and I’m sorry we didn’t get to do it very much. It’s been an odd winter here between ice, rain, and very cold temps. When you couple that with mama’s growing belly and lack of energy, outside play has taken a back seat. However, I promise once mama heals we will always make a point to be outside as much as possible. I love that you love playing outside and I don’t want you to lose that love for the outdoors.

You are loved

Your brother is not here to replace you, but here to be a friend, playmate,confidant and another person to love you. I will always love you. I cherish each moment with you and I don’t take one of those moments for granted. It’s important to me that you get mommy and daughter alone time and we will make that happen whether it is five minutes playing trucks or girls’ night sleepovers.

You are brave

You are the most fearless and brave little girl I know. You aren’t afraid to try new things even if it gives mama more gray hairs. Your baby brother has a lot to learn from you and I hope you show him that it’s okay to be brave. He’s going to need a brave sister looking after him.

You are fierce like Fuli

You’re going to need that fierceness being the middle child of two brothers. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and advocate for the things you need to feel loved and successful. We, as a family and most of all I as your mom, will listen.

You are so kind

You have a kind heart. From your love of sharing things with others to your wanting to help, I know you will be an amazing and kind big sister. Don’t get me wrong, I expect you and your brother to fight, but I know the kind moments will outshine the not so good.

 You matter

You matter. You matter to me, daddy, big brother, and little brother. You were meant to be a part of our family and meant to be on this earth. I know you were put here to do amazing things, so never forget for a second that you matter.

You are beautiful!

You have one of the most beautiful souls with a beautiful face to match. Your little smile lights up the room. I have no doubt you will grow to be a kind women. You are beautiful on the inside and outside.

 You are smart!

Yes, my little one, you are SO, SO smart. Sometimes I wonder if you aren’t too smart for your own good. However, there will be times that your brother may get things faster or be better at something than you or even times you will struggle with something. This is okay. You are smart and shine in different ways. When you are struggling with something, rely on your amazing problem solving skills and patience. Keep trying if you want or move on to something else if you feel it’s not worth the effort. Failure is an amazing teacher and something we all need to learn how to handle. Embrace the failure and remember you and your brother are two different people with many different strengths.

What my daughter needs to hear
So my dear daughter, I want to leave you with this. I love you and I will cherish each of these remaining moments of just us until your little brother arrives.


What my daughter needs to know



Building a connection between my children and nature is of the up most importance to me for many reasons. Technology and screens run much of our busy lives, so it’s extra important we take a few minutes and spend it screenfree and in nature. 

My daughter was born in the summer of 2015 and she has loved being outside since we came home from the hospital. She had colic along with a 6pm fussy time daily and the only thing that  seemed to calm her was taking her outside. Fast forward to today and she still loves being outside and free to explore. Not only does she enjoy being outside, but I have also noticed that connecting her to nature makes me feel like a much better parent as well.

  1. Building a connection to nature                         Protecting the Earth has become very important to me especially over the last couple years. I want to leave behind a better world for my children and their children and one way I can do that is by fostering a love of nature for them. The only way to do this is by spending quality time with them in nature. I want them to know the names of local plants and animals, experience the wind on their skin, and feel the warmth of the sun on their face. They can’t experience these things by sitting inside all day and let’s face it, they won’t take themselves outside on their own. Not only are they way too young to do this (15 months and my youngest is still baking), but I also need to lead by example and show them how awesome Mother Nature is. We are building a connection to nature AND making memories that they will one day want to share with their own children. 
  2. Building a better connection between parent and children                                                           We all know the more undistracted, quality time we spend with our children the better our relationships will be. This is also true when we spend that time with them in nature. Together, we are improving our relationship and making memories together that will last a lifetime. We enjoy camping, hiking, and just playing together in our backyard. As long as we are together and outside, we make the most of it. 
  3. Being outside boosts mama’s happiness                    When I am outside, I feel grounded and happy. There’s something about being outside and free from walls that boosts my positivity. When mama is happy, it helps with my patience, my energy, and my overall mood. These things help to improve our relationship. 
  4. Together, we are learning                                    When we are outside, we are playing and learning new things. I have a lot to learn personally about the local plants and animals in order to be able to show the kiddos. Also, when we are playing, the children are learning. They are developing language/vocabulary, gross and fine motor skills, using their creativity, and developing a love for trying new things. Together, we are becoming life long learners. 
  5. We are being active                                                          Being outside, gets us up, off the couch, and moving! We are always busy running around in the backyard, hiking, and exploring new places when we are outside. I am setting a healthy example for the children while we improve our health each time I take them outside. Not too mention, all the fresh air and movement tires out the kiddos which helps improve their sleep which is also improving their emotional, mental, and physical health.                                         

 Being outside is SO important for many more reasons than just the ones I listed. These are the ones that I felt were the most important to me and why being outside makes me feel like I am doing a better job at my mama role. I hope you are feeling motivated to get outside with your kiddos even for a few minutes after reading this blog post.          


    “In a world, where you can be anything…. Be Kind”


    They say once you become a parent your entire life will change…… and boy, they weren’t kidding. I’ve been a bonus mama for almost 5 years now, but we didn’t have our children together until last year. It still amazes me how much as a person I have grown and changed since the birth of our daughter. Obviously, there’s the normal changes you go through as a parent like putting your children’s needs before yours. However, I’m talking about the real emotional and worldview changes you grow through.

    Before my daughter, I was a full time teacher and my view on how to raise children reflected that of a very similar worldview to my public school teaching peers.  I wanted to make sure my stepson was “ready” for being an adult, ready for his career, and most importantly, ready for college or trade school. We spent a lot of time focusing on academics when he was younger including making flashcards.

    Hold on just one second…. FLASHCARDS? What on Earth did I do to this poor kiddo?

    Now as a parent with her own children and no longer working in the public schools, I’m a changed woman and more importantly a changed mom. Now, I no longer focus on what our children will do as a career when they grow up, but instead on what kind of humans we are raising. All I want for my children and yes, this includes my step son, is for our children to be KIND. Being kind really is the most important thing we can do as humans.

    Look for more future blogs coming shortly on how we plan to raise our kind littles. <3


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